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The Hotel Footprinting Tool is a free tool for calculating the carbon footprint of hotel stays, available online at .

Users can enter the location, star rating and number of nights in order to obtain an instant carbon footprint for their stay based on the average emissions of hotels in that market. The tool also allows users to estimate the carbon footprint of meetings which take place in hotels.

The Hotel Footprinting Tool is powered by data from over 20,000 hotels around the world collected via the Cornell Hotel Sustainability Benchmarking Index and using the Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative methodology.

The tool has been developed by Greenview, the leading platform for sustainability software, data and programs in hospitality,

Eric Ricaurte, CEO of Greenview, said “As momentum increases towards net zero, more and more companies are looking to quantify the hotel footprint as part of business travel, and when providing offset solutions, use sound data. We are excited to present the Hotel Footprinting Tool which allows companies and travel intermediaries to access a global dataset of hotel carbon footprints which can be integrated into calculations and systems quickly and efficiently. We look forward to releasing an even more comprehensive dataset supported by all the major brands.”

For companies wishing to calculate the carbon footprint of hotel stays seamlessly, a bulk data download is available. 

Patrick O’Meara, Interim CEO, Sustainable Hospitality Alliance said “We are delighted to support the Hotel Footprinting Tool which has been created using the Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative (HCMI) methodology developed by the industry. It provides a simple solution to those wishing to calculate their hotel emissions for Scope 3 business travel, and users will be assured that the estimations are globally consistent and comparable. As the requirement for such calculations increases, common approaches based on robust data are vital.”

The tool can be accessed free of charge at