4 Simple Steps to receive the CHSB2024 Hotel Benchmark Report


Jun 2023

1. Sign Up

  • Please fill in the participation form and submit it to data@greenview.sg
  • Kindly ensure that the form is submitted before , to complete your sign-up process.
Jun 2023

2. Submit Data

  • Please fill in the data collection form received from Greenview upon successful sign up and submit it to data@greenview.sg.
  • Kindly ensure that the data collection form is submitted before August 31, 2024.
Jun 2023

3. Pay Fee

  • To ensure timely receipt of the validity test report, please pay the fee upon receiving the invoice from Greenview.
Jun 2023

4. Receive Validity Test Report

  • Review and update any data with gaps or inaccuracies, as indicated in the report.
  • Submit the updates to data@greenview.sg within two weeks from the date you received the report.
Jun 2023

5. Receive Performance Metrics

  • You will receive a summary of all relevant performance metrics prior to the benchmarking report