Greenview’s online platform for hotel owners, operators, and customers to track, benchmark, report, and improve on various aspects of environmental and social performance. We manage data and perform evaluations for hundreds of hotels, venues, and commercial properties every year, and developed the Greenview Portal for hotels and hotel companies to use the Portal as their own sustainability management system. Greenview Portal is the first sustainable tourism management system for multi-site businesses to achieve ‘GSTC-Recognized system’ status.

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One place to collect all your sustainability data

Store all your sustainability data including energy, water, waste, carbon, sustainable practices, efficiency programs, and community and giving.

Real time benchmarking of sustainable practices

Benchmark against your competition to stay ahead of the game. Trends data are available for city, country and global with growing data set.

Action-oriented dashboard

The dashboard provides a snapshot of your progress, performance, to-dos, missing data, latest trends data to keep you current.

Automatic calculation of key metrics

Property’s carbon footprint is automatically calculated and industry specific key metrics such as per occupied room, per guest stays are available through the Portal.

Guidance on 50+ attributes (and growing)

We understand not everyone is proficient in sustainable practices. The Portal can be used as a library of resources on various sustainable practices from low to high level of difficulty.

Assess your risks and potential impacts

Based on the location of the property, the Portal provides water risk assessment and biodiversity reports.

Unlimited number of users under the same property or portfolio

We understand that sustainable practices at a hotel covers all functional areas. So a property can have users from front desk, housekeeping, engineering, without incurring additional fees.

Client ready HCMI reporting capability

It is becoming common practice for customers to request an environmental footprint report, which can be pulled in a few seconds in client ready format.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a registered user and have a systems or technical related question, please login and go to help menu for the “How to use the Greenview Portal Guide”.

About Greenview Portal

Who should use the Portal?
Greenview Portal was developed for several roles. Main users are hotel and venue property managers, green team committee members, hotel owner executives, and hotel management company executives. The Portal can be used by customers (meeting planners, corporate travel representatives) and destination managers to request certain types of information. Also, we have modules for commercial buildings for the basic functions of tracking best practices and collecting data for corporate or portfolio reporting.

How can I demo the tool?
Please request a demo by signing up here or contact us.

What is the cost of using the Portal?
Fees vary based on the level of features used as well as whether you are using the Portal as a single property or company-wide (portfolio level). There is no fee to respond to a green survey that you’ve been invited to. It is best to speak with a Greenview team member to discuss a package that is right for you. Please contact us.

What benefits do I receive from using the Portal?
Please read through the features overview on features for the highlights. A demo or a discussion with one of our Greenview team members will be available if you need more information. Please contact us.

What makes the Greenview Portal different?
The Greenview Portal was designed to tailor to a handful of different property types rather than a ‘One System Fits All’ concept for all buildings or companies. Greenview Portal incorporates the distinct complexities of hotel operations or convention centers in its tracking and reporting features. Please request a demo by signing up here or contact us.


Is my data confidential?
Yes, all data is kept confidential. Please note that property level data can be viewed by authorized company users. For example, if your property belongs to a global brand or an owner of multiple properties, company level users who are authorized to use the Portal can view property level data. If you respond to a qualitative green survey requested by a customer or destination (for a green grid), then the results may be shared with the requesting entity.

What happens if I entered in wrong data?
You can edit your data at any time by accessing the Portal.

Will it be time consuming to enter in all the data?
Responding to green surveys is quick and easy. Getting into the habit of tracking your own data helps to better understand and monitor your property’s usage and costs. So we encourage property users to track and monitor on a routine basis. If you have a lot of historical data that you want entered into the portal, it may take some time initially to get all the information in the system. If preferred, our Business Processing Unit can enter in the data for you at a one-time fee.

Logging into the system

I forgot my login credentials, how can I retrieve my login ID and password?
Your login ID is your e-mail address. If you forgot your password, please click on Sign In, then click on Forgot Password below login ID and Password fields to reset your password.  If you’re still having issues, please contact us and one of our associates will get back to you.

Can I change my login ID and password?
You cannot change your login ID as it is your email address. If you have an updated e-mail address, please contact us and we will update it for you.  You can however change your password.  Please enter the site by logging in with the auto-generated password sent to you by email.  Then click on the downward arrow at the top right hand corner by “Welcome ” message.  Type in your desired new password and click update.

I never received my login credentials, what do I do?
Please check your spam/junk folder first. If you still don’t see an e-mail from us with your login credentials, please contact us to re-send it.

How do I access the Portal?
Please sign up for a demo or contact us if you are interested in using the Portal and we will get you started.

Responding to survey requests

I received an email requesting to submit a survey, what is this for?
There are various reasons why you may have received a request to submit a survey. Most often, your customers may be requesting information on sustainable practices.  Other reasons include your ownership group, brand company or management company gathering sustainability related information for their annual reporting purposes.  Or your destination marketing organization is building a Green Grid for attracting event customers. The survey’s objectives will be provided to you in the e-mail about the survey.  If you have further questions, please contact us .

How do I respond to the survey?
Answer all the questions in the survey and click submit by the noted deadline.

I already responded to a survey request and then received another one. Do I need to fill out the same survey again?
Your answers are saved automatically will show in green font  for any repetitive questions.  All you have to do is verify and check off the answers.  We don’t pre-populate on purpose in case your last answer may be out-dated. So as you track and respond to more surveys, the process becomes easier.

Can I change my answers to the survey questions?
You can change your answers at any time until you submit the survey. Once you hit the submit button, you will not be able to change your answers.  So please be sure that you’ve answered all the questions correctly before submitting the survey.

How do I save and go back at a later time?
Your answers will be saved automatically. You can go back to the survey to complete any time before the deadline.  Once the deadline has passed, you will not be able to go back to the survey.

System / Technical
I can’t seem to log into the Portal even though my login credentials are correct.

Please check the version number of your browser to make sure you have the latest version.  You may have been prompted to download the latest ones if you are using an outdated one.  Please click on the appropriate link to update or go directly to the homepage of the browser of your choice to download the latest version.

How can I provide feedback about the tool?

We would love to hear from you. Pleas contact us and share your thoughts with us.  We are continually improving the user experience as well as adding more features so your feedback is appreciated.

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