Consulting & Advisory Services

We work with companies of all sizes, from Fortune 200 to boutique hotel companies, to support your needs in many areas of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability. We work within your industry and understand the business model and value chain so that we can provide you truly expert advice and effective programs possible.

Strategy & Program Development

You’ve been tasked with creating or upgrading a corporate responsibility program. The dozens of environmental and social issues, the multitude of stakeholders, and especially the alphabet soup of acronyms can become cumbersome. We help you navigate through this landscape as a trusted advisor. We orient you on trends and best practices in all ESG areas, and help you devise a strategy to engage stakeholders, approach issues, set up your internal committee, and develop programs. We can provide support with implementation on a number of areas, and indicate plenty of partners to help with others when needed.

Corporate Sustainability Reporting

You need to credibly communicate your approach, programs, and performance across all environmental, social, and governance aspects. For all corporate sustainability reporting needs, we cover the entire process for you including reporting drafting, preparing your CDP responses and all accompanying calculations and assessments. The Greenview Portal can help collect and streamline data and content across your portfolio. We advise you and help you on improving policies and practices to improve your score over time.A few main examples below:

GRI Reporting – The GRI is the most well recognized structure for doing so. We can work to take you through third party verification or assurance, as well as GRI checks and submission.

GRESB Response – Your real estate investors are asking for you to respond to GRESB. You’d like to benchmark your organization against other real estate owners and managers, and you’d like to perform well.

CDP Response – Your investors request you respond to the Investor CDP survey. You’d like to join in this best practice of evaluating climate change’s risk and opportunity to your organization, and formatting your disclosure accordingly. And you’d like to receive the best score possible. We can liaise and take you through third party verification of GHG emissions to make that process easier.

Investor Requests & Annual Filings

You’ve been handed a request by one of your investors or its asset managers to fill out a survey and respond to how you’re approaching Environmental, Social, and Governance issues. You may have even had a shareholder resolution brought up for discussion to address this. We help you respond to these requests. If you’re in a country where government or markets are now requesting similar information, we can help orient and prepare your responses effectively. SASB in the US, HKEx ESG in Hong Kong, the EU Reporting Directive, and many more. All of these follow similar guidelines and we help you report them, gaining value from the process.

Calculations & Data Management

Sustainability reporting, target setting, and monitoring of the attributes of your portfolio invariably require working with data.. We conduct academic research across thousands of hotels, and manage this type of data for large portfolios and industry-wide studies. We can perform data analysis and provide you with the tools to monitor, measure, and report all types of sustainability data and content. We have our own innovative Greenview Portal data platform as a one-stop solution for your properties, company, and customers to streamline sustainability data and get the most value from it (see below).

Goal Setting

The yardstick of good corporate responsibility begins with your ability to answer the question “have you set targets?” These may include carbon emissions reduction, energy and water reduction, renewable energy usage, socially-driven goals. We provide the advisory groundwork, analytical steps, and if needed the data management to help you set and monitor your progress against goals and targets. We also have helped several companies and industry bodies with Science-based Targets for carbon emissions reduction.

Water Risk & Biodiversity Assessment

Climate risks are a larger part of your corporate responsibility and risk management discussions. They’re becoming essential for sustainability reporting and ESG information. We run risks assessments for types of water risk and biodiversity location analysis across your portfolio. We work in the latest tools, cross-reference them, and interpret the results so you can analyze and report the information, as well as include in your risk discussions and communicate to stakeholders.


How does your company, your corporate platform, your property, your venue, or your portfolio compare against peers and competitors? Are you lagging in common practices? Up to par with best practices? Leading with innovation? We can run customized studies to evaluate you against standards, peers, or others to understand your strengths and gaps. Benchmarking is also a collaborative effort and we run several benchmarking studies to enable comparison and catalyze innovation.

Cornell Hotel Sustainability Benchmarking Index (CHSB) – the industry’s benchmarking of energy, water, and carbon emissions with the 2017 CHSB study including over 8,000 properties and 296 geographies (more info here…).

Green Lodging Trends Report (GLR) – the lodging industry’s annual exercise to assess and benchmark sustainable best practices across hotels worldwide. Updated annually, the Green Lodging Trends Report helps discover innovative hotel efforts that should be recognized and can benefit peers, and shows what’s trending each year (more info here…).

Hotel Footprinting Tool – allows you to search the range of carbon emissions and energy usage among hotels around the world. We use real data supplied by the industry’s global benchmarking study, aggregated to show the distribution of footprints in particular geographical locations. (more info here… ).

ESG Ratings & Ranking

You would like to become listed on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index or FTSE4Good. You wonder why your ratings are low, or want to improve in Newsweek Green Rankings, GS Sustain, Bloomberg ESG, or the dozens of others out there. We know exactly what needs to be done to increase scores and become listed. We help take companies through this process and improve your score and positioning. More importantly, we help you understand which ratings count based on your company’s goals.

Company Programs

We help hotel companies develop and roll-out programs including green meetings, single-use plastic reduction, food waste management, modern slavery training, responsible sourcing, and more. We also conduct analysis such as cost-benefit or LCA regarding the environmental impact of important programs.