Service Description

Calculate the carbon footprint or social benefit of your company or initiative.

Once you have your programs in place, Greenview can help you calculate their environmental and social impacts.

We can use your data to quantify and manage your organization’s GHG emissions inventory over time. Recognizing the increased demand for credibility and quality assurance of carbon accounting, Greenview also supports inventory management planning and the 3rd party verification process.

Greenview can also use your data to calculate the carbon footprint of your initiatives, utilizing our Greenview Portal tool to organize and track your progress.

To help communicate the effectiveness of your programs we translate reductions into easy-to-understand equivalent impacts like GHG emissions from passenger vehicles, home energy use, smartphones charged, acres of forest, and much more.

If your company is trying to meet any of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we can track the impact of your programs against your chosen SDG targets.