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  • February 5, 2024

Since 2016, Greenview has employed the most cost-effective and data driven assessments for clients with portfolios ranging from small to large portfolios. We conduct risk and opportunity assessments covering water, climate, biodiversity, socio-economic, and regulatory policies, leveraging specialized datasets, metrics, and in-depth analyses.

1. Full coverage of sustainability-related risks

We analyze over 150 indicators and metrics to discern both risk and opportunity within portfolios of all sizes, drilling down to each property level.

Performance Benchmarking

Energy, Water, and Carbon benchmarked against 14+ hotels globally and 500+ geographies.

Best Practice

Benchmarking and trends of best practices in the hotel industry.

Performance Improvement

Areas of improvement for best practices, energy and water, or opportunity gap.

Policy Landscape

Summaries showing relevant sustainability policies in the market, state, and country.

Water Risk

Water availability, water cost risk, supply, and pipeline relation.

Climate Risk

Floods, droughts, cyclones, sea levels, temperature and precipitation changes.

Socio-Economic Risk

Relating to health, poverty, employment, crime, and other attributes.

Biodiversity Risk

Proximity to designated protected areas.

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2. Industry-specific metrics and context for hotels

We perform a holistic risk assessment approach tailored for the hospitality industry, combining environmental, socio-economic, and regulatory risk assessments with detailed property-level insights to promote sustainable and informed hotel management.

Assess all climate-related physical risks, including flood, drought, sea level rise, temperature, precipitation, cyclone, (and more) to support analysis and climate-related ESG disclosures.

Relative Water and Carbon risk based on industry market-level data: Assessing the potential impact of water usage and carbon emissions, helping businesses and hotels understand their environmental footprint in comparison to market averages.

Specialized Destination Water Risk Index Metrics, provided in partnership with STR, Sustainable Hospitality Alliance, and Ecolab: Offering detailed insights into water risks at specific destinations, utilizing expert knowledge and data from leading organizations in sustainability and hospitality.

Socio-economic indicators in context of hotel’s guests, staff and community initiatives: Evaluating how a hotel’s operations affect local communities and economies, and how these impacts intersect with the experiences and well-being of guests and staff.

Policy and regulatory risk interpreted for hotel buildings and operations: Understanding how existing and upcoming policies and regulations might affect hotel buildings and their operational practices, ensuring compliance and foresight in management.

Property-level dossiers provided for each hotel: Offering detailed, hotel-specific information, covering a range of operational, environmental, and regulatory aspects to aid in informed decision-making and strategic planning.

3. Step-by-step guidance

With our support, we guide you through every stage of the process, including detailed analysis and provision of tailored recommendations, from initial preparation to final disclosure, ensuring a comprehensive and effective experience.

  • Bespoke analysis across the portfolio
  • Client-specific dashboard
  • Property-level dossiers
  • Aggregate datasets for ESG disclosures and portfolio-level analysis
  • Interpretation specifically for hospitality
  • Practical guidance and recommendations for property teams and corporate or development functions
  • ESG support to ensure maximizing ESG disclosures
  • Receive interval updates with new datasets and portfolio changes

Assess all water-related physical risks relating to water quality, scarcity, stress, and variability in future and current scenarios.

4. Up-to-date global regulatory risks

Greenview has managed a database and analysis of thousands of sustainability-related policies affecting hotels globally, to support your regulatory and transition risk analysis needs.


  • Ongoing regulatory policy tracker: We research and identify relevant sustainability policies at city, province, and national levels.
  • Tailored interpretation for hotels: For all relevant sustainability policies, we interpret how a hotel will be affected, how to prioritize, and how to take action, providing further resources.
  • Available in ongoing subscriptions: We provide an online, searchable database tagging all policies and regulations tailored to your portfolio and to each property.
  • See the Policy Tracker service for more details.

Identify protected areas and species with spatial data analysis for each property.

Analyze wildfire risk. 

Obtain hotel-specific actionable guidance, support analysis, and nature-related ESG disclosures.

Identify key socio-economic issues and indicators within the property’s destination.

Identify specific actions to take for staff, community, and guests.

Properties can view bespoke Climate, Water, Biodiversity, and Socio-Economic Risk Assessment Reports.

At company level, you will see aggregate outputs.

5. Set Up your Risk Assessment Today

We provide property-level assessments, ongoing subscription service with bespoke analysis upon request.

Fees are determined based on portfolio size, geographic composition, update frequency.

Contact us and learn more about this risk assessment service.