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Stay on Top of ESG Regulation

Since 2014, Greenview’s dedicated team of analysts have curated a comprehensive database to analyze thousands of sustainability policies impacting hotels globally. This service is provided to support your regulatory compliance and transition risk assessments. Our Policy Tracker serves as a centralized platform, enabling company teams and property-level teams to easily access and review sustainability regulations specific to their location or jurisdiction.

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Navigating Sustainability Policies for Hotels

We research and identify relevant sustainability policies, interpret how a hotel will be affected, how to prioritize, and how to take action, providing further resources.

ESG Insights Across All Governance Levels

Covering the range of sustainability-related topics at city, province, and national levels that may not be immediately known or understood by property teams:

Customized Policy Database for Your Portfolio

We provide an online, searchable database tagging all policies and regulations tailored to your portfolio and to each property:

Receive Quarterly Updates Across your Portfolio

We offer comprehensive policy management services designed specifically for hotels. Our dedicated team conducts thorough research, covering multiple languages, to interpret and prioritize policies, supporting your property to identify needs and seek alignment to relevant regulations and industry standards.

Here’s how we streamline the process for you:

Market-Wide Insight
Stay informed with quarterly updates offering detailed interpretations of policies impacting your business on a market-wide scale.

Prepared Datasets
Access an aggregated output database with detailed records for each policy, complete with relevant documents and additional resources.

Customized Filtering
Utilize our online dashboard with customizable filters by keyword, geographic location, and property, tailored to your specific needs.

Tailored Dossiers
Receive tailored dossiers for each hotel, providing comprehensive insights and analysis at the property level.

Historical Tracking
Easily monitor policy changes over time to never miss out on updates, ensuring your property remains compliant to regulations.

Tailored Policy Support
Submit policies for thorough review, ensuring comprehensive coverage and proactive compliance measures tailored to your business needs.

Strong Social Focus
Beyond environmental sustainability, receive comprehensive policy reports with a strong focus on social responsibility initiatives and impact.

Optimize ESG Compliance:
Tailored Analysis & Strategic Action Plans

Leverage the Policy Tracker to pinpoint programs and actions for your portfolio’s pipeline, while ensuring compliance with regulatory and Transition Risks as you advance ESG disclosures, including TCFD, ISSB, GRESB, TNFD, and beyond.

  • Bespoke analysis across the portfolio
  • Client-specific dashboard
  • Interpretation specifically for hospitality
  • Research undertaken in local languages and context
  • ESG support to ensure maximizing ESG disclosures
  • Integration with broader risk assessment needs

Seamlessly incorporate ESG compliance optimization within your broader risk assessment framework. Ensure alignment with overarching risk management strategies and objectives while preparing for disclosures through our Risk Assessment dashboard.

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Greenview has managed a database and analysis of thousands of sustainability-related policies affecting hotels globally, to support your regulatory and transition risk analysis needs.

  • We provide an ongoing subscription service with bespoke analysis upon request
  • Fees determined by portfolio size, geographic composition, frequency of updating, and the other related services Greenview is already providing and can provide for you holistically
  • Policy pulls and analysis available for specific properties when conducting ESG Due Diligence

Reach out today for your bespoke sustainability insights.

Advanced Solutions Available

In need of more assistance in navigating the ever-changing landscape of sustainability? Access a variety of resources, such as ESG Data Monitoring and Reporting Capabilities, all centralized within our Greenview Portal.

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