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Find out the carbon footprint of a hotel anywhere in the world.

Using real data supplied by the industry’s global benchmarking index – the Cornell Hotel Sustainability Benchmarking (CHSB) index – you can use the Greenview Hotel Footprinting Tool to estimate the carbon footprint of a single or for multiple hotel room nights and meeting spaces across the world free of charge. This information can be used to calculate a company’s business travel hotel stay carbon footprint for Scope 3 reporting and offsetting, or provide information for clients on whose behalf you are booking or offsetting travel.

If you are a travel management company and would like to integrate data from the Greenview Hotel Footprinting Tool into your system so that you can provide information to clients at point of booking, please get in touch.

This Hotel Footprinting Tool also supports other industry benchmarks and Scope 3 guidance drafted by governments.

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