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The Greenview Portal is an internationally recognized hotel sustainability management system, developed by industry experts for hotels and hotel companies who wish to collect sustainability data, track performance and progress over time, report activities in a transparent way, and ultimately improve their sustainability performance.

“By using GSTC-Recognized systems, hotel and tourism companies are able to embed the GSTC Criteria, which includes the full range of environmental and social considerations specifically developed for the tourism sector, throughout their management processes and set them on the path of continuous improvement and towards certification. I am delighted that the Greenview Portal is the first such system to gain GSTC Recognized status.

Randy Durband, CEO, Global Sustainable Tourism Council

Communicate your sustainability achievements supported by quantifiable impact metrics and stories

  • Manage environmental, social and people data in a single system
  • Set and monitor your sustainability goals in real-time
  • Benchmark sustainability performance using industry set standards
  • Elevate your sustainability knowledge on best practices and guidance topics
  • Get everything in place for GSTC certification

with us helping you
every step of the way

  • Unlimited hotel and corporate users to maximize engagement with the flexibility of customising access levels.
  • Onboarding support for hotel and corporate teams.
  • Online Help Center in English, Mandarin and Spanish (more languages to be added).
  • 24-hour email support handled by Greenview Consultants.
  • Secure storage and accessibility of data.
  • Pricing structure to meet needs of single properties and large portfolios.
  • On-going enhancement to reflect latest sustainability trends.

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“Greenview Portal is used as an important source for tracking, reporting and making progress on our annual sustainability goals. It centralizes our company’s ESG communication and reporting needs as well as serve as the main engagement tool for our hotels to make progress on their sustainability targets so that collectively, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group can do more for a sustainable future.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group

Manage your
environmental, social
and people data in a
single system

  • Keep everything online in one place and have access to your data whenever and wherever.
  • Collect data across your entire company for ESG reporting needs.
  • Automatically calculate your carbon footprint with up-to-date emission factors.
  • Download performance and impact reports with customizable hotel intensity KPI metrics in seconds.
  • Manage data collection and save time with data requests, data gap alerts and data validation features.
  • Aggregate your impact by UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Set and monitor your
sustainability goals in

  • Set measurable goals and targets (e.g. achieve zero food waste, increase community and giving, etc.) that can be tracked automatically
  • Monitor goals with easy visualization of progress and gaps
  • Modify and advance targets over time to increase your impact and reduce risks
  • Communicate progress and achievements in real-time

performance using
industry set standards

  • Greenview Portal incorporates the Cornell Hotel Sustainability Benchmarking (CHSB) Index public data set that contains energy, water and carbon emissions data from over 20,000 hotels around the world.
  • Benchmark your performance by your location within this growing data set.
  • Plan and implement best practices and initiatives to improve your performance.

Elevate your sustainability knowledge on best practices and guidance topics

  • Check the status of your best practices using our curated questionnaire to identify and bridge gaps in sustainability performance.
  • Increase your awareness of various sustainability related best practices that are updated reguarly in our resource library.
  • Obtain additional resources, trackers and tools (e.g. single-use plastic elimination tracking sheet) in our guidance library.

“Greenview supported us in aligning our company’s sustainability programme to the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria and in 2021, Centara became the first hospitality group in Asia to attain GSTC-Recognized Status for Centara EarthCare. We continue to pursue GSTC Certification to demonstrate the implementation of our sustainability programme at every property and Greenview’s GSTC-Recognized software facilitates this process.”

Centara Hotels & Resorts

Get everything in place for GSTC certification

  • As a GSTC system recognized multi-site sustainability management system, various features and functionalities are aligned with the GSTC standard for hotels.
  • An action-oriented step-by-step guide organized in chapters to get aligned with the GSTC criteria or obtain GSTC certification.
  • Link to relevant Portal Features directly from the chapters to tackle specific GSTC criteria / criterion and indicators.

Here are a few highlights of what Greenview Portal can do for you

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