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Greenview Portal

A renowned GSTC-Recognized sustainability management system. Crafted by industry experts, for hotels and hotel companies seeking to collect source data on a single platform, enhancing collaboration and sustainability performance management through technology and automation.

We offer free trials, and subscription packages tailored for individual properties as well as enterprise solutions.

Introducing Greenview Portal

1. ESG Data Management & Reporting

We remove the problem of decentralised data management so your team can spend more time analyzing insights and taking actual action.

  • Streamline your ESG data management: Keep everything online in a single platform, and access your data whenever, wherever.
  • Real-time updates of data status: Identify potential data issues as they arise proactively, across all your properties.
  • Extensive reporting options: Tailor reports to meet both your property’s needs and ESG reporting requirements.

“Pro-invest Group is pleased to announce that it has transitioned to Greenview as the new sustainability management system, for all operational hotels under its Fund portfolios. The portfolio currently includes 13 operational hotels and counting, spanning brands such as the Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, Holiday Inn Express, The Sebel and voco. The research, selection and transition efforts to the new SMS has been in preparation for several months and was largely prompted by Pro-invest Group’s ever-growing brand-diversified portfolio, the advancement of its sustainability brand, One Earth, Countless Experiences, coupled with Pro-invest Group’s stakeholder needs for quality, hotel-specific, and brand-agnostic Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) data.”

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2. Sustainability Benchmarking

Unlock your sustainability potential with the Cornell Hotel Sustainability Benchmarking Index (CHSB), containing benchmarks for energy, water, and carbon emissions.

  • Leverage industry-leading initiatives: CHSB includes data from over 25,000 hotels worldwide and has a rich repository of industry-standard metrics to assess and benchmark your performance.
  • Tailored benchmarks: Benchmark performance based on your location and property market segmentation for a relevant and contextual comparison. Improve your performance to stay ahead of your peers.
  • Data-driven actions: Identify areas of risks and opportunities to strategize and implement initiatives that work towards them.

3. Setting Goals & Targets

From achieving zero food waste to increasing community and giving efforts, and reducing water usage, our platform simplifies the process of defining and managing your objectives.

  • Straightforward visualisations: Easily visualize your progress and gaps in real-time, allowing you to stay updated on your sustainability journey at a glance.
  • Flexible goal management: Modify and advance goals and targets according to progress status. Adapt your sustainability strategy as needed, ensuring it remains aligned with your evolving objectives.

“Greenview has been a valuable partner who has supported the development and launch of Ascott CARES, our sustainability framework. The Greenview Portal helps us implement Ascott CARES, our sustainability program, and monitor our progress against goals and targets, track initiatives carried out by properties and prepare for GSTC certification with ease.”

4. Efficient Portfolio Monitoring

Our platform allows data collection and reporting for individual properties or across an entire portfolio of properties. You have the flexibility to choose the level of reporting that suits your need.

  • Holistic performance view: Monitor the aggregated performance of your entire portfolio at a glance, such as your organization’s environmental impact and progress towards sustainability goals.
  • Seamless portfolio creation: Create and customize portfolios effortlessly by grouping different properties together for various reporting visualizations and specific purposes, tailoring them to your business requirements.

“Vista Hospitality Group, a joint venture with Pro-invest Group, is pleased to have onboarded several hotels to Greenview, as Vista Hospitality Group builds on its sustainability offering. With the entire portfolio participating in the Greenview system across the brands of Sage, Ink and Next Hotels, the portfolio will leverage the best practice environmental and social monitoring, reporting and insights capabilities of the portal.”

5. Expert Guidance & Best Practices

Elevate your sustainability knowledge with curated resources, trackers, and tools, provided by our team of sustainability professionals. Get answers and analysis on sustainability-related best practices to bridge gaps in your hotel’s efforts.

6. GSTC Framework Ready

We are proud to be a GSTC recognized multi-site sustainability management system. Our features and functionalities are fully aligned with the GSTC standard for hotels. With our user-friendly platform, you can easily assess your site’s readiness and identify any gaps within the system. We offer one-stop documentation storage, streamlining your certification preparation process. Rest assured, our platform provides clear instructions and notes to guide you through a smooth audit preparation.

“Greenview supported us in aligning our company’s sustainability programme to the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria and in 2021, Centara became the first hospitality group in Asia to attain GSTC-Recognized Status for Centara EarthCare. We continue to pursue GSTC Certification to demonstrate the implementation of our sustainability programme at every property and Greenview’s GSTC-Recognized software facilitates this process.”

7. Promote Staff Engagement

Collaborate and upskill effortlessly across teams with our platform, offering unlimited property and company-user access. We are mindful of the various roles within each property and organization level in order to provide better access tailored to your specific needs. Sustainability requires all hands on deck; every individual in your organization should have the tools they need to drive positive change together.

“[Greenview Portal] centralizes our company’s ESG communication and reporting needs as well as serve as the main engagement tool for our hotels to make progress on their sustainability targets so that collectively, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group can do more for a sustainable future.”

8. Developed and Supported by ESG Experts

Stay ahead in the dynamic sustainability landscape with our continuously updated Portal, guided by the unrivaled expertise and industry knowledge of our ESG hospitality experts from around the globe.

At Greenview, we take pride in delivering excellent support service. Our in-house support team is dedicated to providing you with the troubleshoot and knowledge required to get you and your hotel on its sustainability journey. Count on us to be there every step of the way, ensuring your success and smooth navigation through our platform.

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