Service Description

Achieve GSTC certification with the support of experts

Having been close partners with GSTC since day one, Greenview is well placed with helping you get GSTC certified. We have our finger on the pulse with the latest certification requirements. Join a growing profile of clients who have successfully achieved GSTC certified with our bespoke advisory services and effective GSTC module.

Two possible pathways towards GSTC certification with Greenview

Self-directed with Greenview Portal

Set your own pace with a self-directed approach of reviewing Greenview Portal’s GSTC module to identify gaps and next steps for certification.

The Greenview Portal is the first sustainable tourism management system for multi-site businesses to achieve ‘GSTC Recognized system’ status. With Greenview Portal, GSTC certification is made easier:

  • All-in-one sustainability data management software — record data and initiatives, set goals and targets, learn from over 100 curated guidance articles to implement sustainability programs and more!
  • Decode GSTC requirements with step-by-step guidance and clear satisfactory outcomes
  • Assess your ongoing progress with GSTC Readiness Report
  • No limit on number of account users, allowing you and your team to collaborate and achieve GSTC alignment more effectively
  • Reduce time and money spent on the auditing process with the Greenview Portal capturing supporting evidence all in one place

Tailored advisory from Greenview Consultants

If you feel like you need a little more help, our experienced team is here to provide tailored advisory and assurance. In addition to the benefits of using Greenview Portal, receive bespoke support including through

  • Gap analysis and alignment of existing practices with the GSTC criteria
  • GSTC training webinars
  • Documentation preparation support
  • Orientation on best practices
  • Office hours to answer questions
  • Support journey to GSTC audit, including getting in touch with certification bodies

More about Greenview Portal’s GSTC Guidance

Our GSTC Guidance is divided by chapters and action items. Under each action item, key features include:

  1. Satisfactory Outcome: At-a-glance list of deliverables to meet GSTC requirements.
  2. Steps to Take: Concise steps for implementation to deliver satisfactory outcome.
  3. Readiness Score: Understand your readiness for GSTC. This readiness score is calculated based on responses to each satisfactory outcome.
  4. Related GSTC Criteria: Hover over to view the GSTC criteria that correspond to the action item
  5. Document upload: Upload and store documents related to the GTSC criteria for easy access.
  6. Relevant Portal Features: Quick links to features on Greenview Portal that are relevant to the action item, such as generating a performance report (see below).
  7. Relevant Guidance Articles: Relevant tools and further guidance from Greenview-curated Guidance Library to help understand and implement sustainability actions across over 100 topics.

Example: GSTC criteria D1.3 Energy Conservation

D1.3 Monitor and manage various sources of energy

  • Select from a comprehensive list of energy sources and track data conveniently

D1.3 Set energy reduction targets and monitor progress

  • Greenview Portal auto-generates progress against set targets based on energy consumption data inputted, helping you monitor progress.

D1.4.3 Monitor progress with reports

  • Automatically calculate energy intensity metrics according to hotel-specific operational metrics and parameters with a click of a button
  • Built-in data validation to improve data accuracy

D1.4 Minimize energy consumption

  • Record energy conservation initiatives and associated impact metrics
  • Instantly generate automatically aggregated impact reports including return of investment calculations

D1.3 Show preference for renewable energy

  • View relevant guidance articles under Guidance Library with over 100 sustainability topics
  • Track market purchases through the Portal which will be automatically accounted for in emissions calculated through the Portal.