Service Description

The Sustainability Benchmarking, Risks and Opportunities (BRO) Assessment is a property level report which allows current or potential owners or operators to undertake environmental, social and governance due diligence as part of an ESG program or required by investors or lenders.

The assessment is a data driven one-stop-shop covering energy, water, carbon, climate, biodiversity, socio-economic and regulatory risks which not only highlights critical risk areas but also opportunities for efficiencies, cost savings and development of ESG programs which ultimately lead to increased resilience of the property.

Operational properties are benchmarked against the relevant competitive set to identify where implementation of best practices can lead to performance improvements and therefore cost savings in energy and water consumption.

Linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and major ESG frameworks a Sustainability BRO Assessment is an efficient way to fulfil disclosure requirements while also highlighting the ROI of due diligence and resilience.